About Us

About Us

Large corporations have been in power because they enjoyed government support. They have access to big data that drives campaigns and ensures they rake in profits. They are funded by big banks with limitless pockets. They kept the money by limiting its spread.

Have you felt stifled by a system that makes it impossible for small businesses to thrive? Have you searched and applied but heard the word “No” more times than you can count?

Funding Market offers top-notch technology that searches the market to find the best funding solutions for your business.

Instead of waiting weeks to hear back from the bank and spending money on applications, our process is free. It only takes 3 minutes to apply for a business loan and we’ll find your ideal match within 24 hours.


Funding Market provides UK business financing to small businesses that need finance to grow. Where the traditional bank is unable to finance your dream expansion or give you the funds you need to hire new staff, we re-ignite your dreams with small business financing from a careful selection of the top UK lenders.

Our goal is to bridge the gap in a broken system that has neglected the average Joe. We’re connecting lenders and small businesses so you can get faster access to cash flow for your business.

When you succeed, everyone benefits. 

What We Do

We believe in forward thinkers who are determined to make a difference and solve problems. Our determination to help you grow is a shared mission that inspires us to go the extra to help you find the right funding model for your business needs.

We work with a national network of funding partners who are based across the UK to provide start-up loans and business funding to those who struggle to access other forms of finance.

What sets us apart from other funding providers is our personalised and hands-on approach to ensure you get the support required to grow your business.

We understand that not all businesses have an exceptional credit score. Perhaps you’ve missed a payment here and there. Maybe you don’t have the collateral for secured lending. Whatever roadblocks are holding you back, we’re giving you the freedom to achieve your business objectives.

From skincare companies looking for funding to buy raw materials, to fashion designers who need cash flow to expand operations, we’ve helped hundreds of UK businesses take that difficult step forward.

Choose the Right Funding for Your Business

Tell us About Your business

Answer a few questions about your funding requirements. This will only take a few minutes.


Our award-wining technology matches your business with the ideal funder and financial product.


Choose an option that fits your small business needs. Our team takes over the application on your behalf. You’ll hear from us within 24 hours.

Why Choose Us?

    • Complete your form and search our database under 5 minutes

    • Apply for a loan without impacting your business credit score

    • Save money when you pay your loan early

    • Get business funding without a personal guarantee

    • Personalised service to help you choose a funding option for your business needs.

    • 91% approval rate

    • Get funding within 24 hours of your request

    • A wide variety of funding programmes

    • Simple terms and flexible payments. We can customise payments to fit your unique business model.

    • Free no-obligation review. We provide a free service to help you secure business funding.